Coming updates and 2018 summer roadmap

Recently, the development pace of AudioNodes shifted a little, and this is the reason we didn't publish an update in June.

Instead of focusing on releasing new major features (such as new Nodes), we are now working on improvements to make using AudioNodes more productive and convenient in general. We are also working on internal architecture changes, in preparation for some epic new features coming later this year (like, really epic features), as well as a systematic eradication of countless newly discovered bugs.

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0.2.1 Update – bugfixes, new Sampler Node, full-screen Virtual Keyboard

We are releasing a relatively small update today, primarily containing bug-fixes and small miscellaneous improvements. Among other things, a new sampler node, called the Multi Sampler Node, is also included for preview (it's not an experimental feature, but it's still a work in progress), as well as an on-screen virtual keyboard and configurable virtual key-layout for the MIDI Keyboard Node.

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0.2.0 Update – VST Plugin Support, macOS preview, and more

After a considerable delay, we are now happy to announce one of our biggest updates to date!

This update ships a vast array of improvements, fixes, and long-awaited new features to AudioNodes, including experimental VST plugin support in Windows. The update is already available in AudioNodes Online, and can be downloaded for free from the Download page. Due to the size and potential impact of this update, we'll keep the previous version available for download, and it's recommended to save your current project before updating.

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Upcoming plugin support and additions

Over the last 3 weeks we've been working on 3 major additions: opening audio files directly, better audio recording experience, and the long awaited experimental VST plugin support, which is an insane enhancement to the modular architecture of AudioNodes. Also coming are several minor bug-fixes and improvements, all around AudioNodes.

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0.1.1 Quality of Life Update

This update primarily contains quality-of-life improvements and additions, as well as some bugfixes. We also gave the node settings panel and the node browser a little facelift, which works especially well when multiple Node settings are opened at once.

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