0.2.1 Update – bugfixes, new Sampler Node, full-screen Virtual Keyboard

We are releasing a relatively small update today, primarily containing bug-fixes and small miscellaneous improvements. Among other things, a new sampler node, called the Multi Sampler Node, is also included for preview (it's not an experimental feature, but it's still a work in progress), as well as an on-screen virtual keyboard and configurable virtual key-layout for the MIDI Keyboard Node.

New Multi Sampler Node

Modularity or not, we thought it was rather tedious to include and wire up audio samples one-by-one using the current Sampler Node just to build a single sample-based instrument.

With the new and shiny Multi Sampler Node, you can open multiple sample files simultaneously in one Node. In it, you'll find the same set of features you've come to known from the current Sampler Node. Per-sample normalization has been added as a bonus, and waveform editing is coming soon.

As for the "coming soon" part: this Node is still a work-in-progress, especially in the visual department, the UI is not quite finished. However, since it worked rock solid during live testing, it's not going to be labeled experimental, and we are releasing it for you to try.

New On-Screen Virtual Keyboard

The MIDI Keyboard Node has received a simple on-screen virtual-keyboard, which is useful on touch-screens (or when a mouse is without a PC keyboard, if such a thing even exists).

Additionally, this on-screen virtual keyboard can be used to customize the "Virtual" keyboard setting, i.e. which keys on your PC keyboard correspond to which melodic note. This allows you to specify a layout, if you are not comfortable with the defaults.

New Note Trigger Node

The Note Trigger Node is a new, rather simple Node. It can be configured to output a single, specific melodic note when its input is triggered by a control signal (such as the output of a Knob Node).

VST Plugin Node Updates

A Latency output has been added to the VST Plugin Node. This is primarily for easy synchronization with other synthesizer Nodes (e.g. Melodic Oscillator Node) without latency.

For example, connecting the Latency output of a VST Plugin Node to the Delay-time input a Delay Node can be used to automatically add the same latency to a Melodic Oscillator Node, as the one present on the VST Plugin Node itself (so you don't have to set the delay manually).

Dev's note

The Latency output is an integration work-around for the huge latency this Node currently has. A major update is soon coming for the VST Plugin Node, which will either eliminate its latency completely, or reduce it to 128 samples (not yet known). Once that update lands (expected in 1-2 months), this Latency output will be removed, as even if there will be some latency, it will be constant and very low. Thank you for your continued patience.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Sequencer Node now has a velocity setting
  • The Melody Filter Node has received another output, containing notes which did not pass the filter (so you can now also separate your melodies according to custom conditions with one Node)

Piles of Bugfixes

As usual, in no particular order, some significant issues were fixed:

  • Fixed "circle slider" (the round slider around Nodes on the patcher) sometimes not adjusting the value correctly when changing quickly
  • Fixed some live visualizations on the Patcher pausing automatically when zoomed out (such as the circle oscilloscope visualization around the Audio Destination Node)
  • Fixed VST Plugin Node documentation not loading in AudioNodes
  • Fixed a waveform visualization bug with very short audio files
  • Fixed Timeline time labels becoming too dense when choosing 1/4 or 2/4 time signature
  • Fixed envelope editor on the Timeline jumping the curve drag control back and forth when dragged above/below the track
  • Fixed VST Plugin Node VSTi playback stopping notes with a large delay when stopping project playback
  • Fixed projects being removed from quicksave when trying to open an audio file directly, even if canceling the opened dialog (ouch, we are very sad and sorry about this one, we hope it didn't cause too much problems for you)
  • Fixed setting the ADSR Sustain value to 0 causing unexpectedly longer playback of notes
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