Sneak Peek at AudioNodes 0.3.0

Hey all, it's been some time.

We are coming close to finishing the next major version of AudioNodes. This post is a quick sneak peek at what to expect in the next major update, for which a test version is now available online for preview (keep in mind that it's a test version for a reason, there might be bugs).

Before dwelling into details, we would like you thank you all for your contributions (donations and otherwise). You are amazing, we could not reach this far with AudioNodes without your support. Thank you.

Major Changes - Registration & Subscription

A major change in the coming version is the introduction of an account registration and subscription system. More details will be in the coming full post for the update, really soon (in addition to a huge surprise gift to past and present contributors, stay tuned).

As before, we'd like to express our gratitude to contributors with some additional convenience features. These convenience features will be expanded in the coming update, such as:

  • Group Nodes on the Patcher into "subpatches", enabling you to organize your projects and re-use parts more efficiently
  • Open the Timeline and some Nodes (such as the Piano Roll Node) on a secondary screen -- previously this was a semi-working experimental feature, and has been improved a lot for this update
  • Assign Envelope Nodes to Audio File Node clips on the Timeline directly
  • Experimental features (including VST Plugin support and configurable audio output devices)

These convenience features will be available to all contributors, future and past. Again, we'd like to thank you all for contributing, you are amazing.

Other Changes at a Glance

The following is a summary of some of the more significant changes in the updated test version. Note that this is just a quick glace over things, the full update post will contain the entire list of changes and details.

  • The online public test version now uses a separate storage for projects and files, so you can now test it out without interfering with the live version
  • Sampler Node UI has been changed and simplified
  • Gate Node, Memory Bit Node, Pitch Detect Node, Timer Node are now sample-accurate, and work at better performance without glitching or latency
  • The experimental VST Plugin Node no longer has added latency in real-time playback, and now has better performance with much less CPU overhead (it's still in an experimental stage though, because some plugins can crash)
  • Lots of new handy functionality on the Timeline
  • Lots of new handy functionality on the Patcher, such as swapping 2 Nodes (as long as they can be swapped, if connected), adding a Node to an existing connection, sharing selected Nodes through a public URL, etc.
  • Recorder Node has been rolled back to a simpler version, and significant improvements have been made both its performance and stability; it's still a work in progress
  • Audio input has been removed from Gate Node, as it was assuming that a Gate Node would be used in a Gain Node-like fashion, while in-fact it has much more uses than that; instead it now outputs the ADSR signal (as if a constant 1 signal was connected to its audio input in the previous version)

We are still doing final testing and checkups before unleashing this thing into the wild. In the meantime, the online test version will remain available, and will be updated regularly.

Again, thank you all!

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