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0.3.1 Update – Envelope Fix, Server Upgrades

Later today we are pushing out a small patch, fixing a slight inaccuracy with linear control points in the Envelope Node. Additionally, we also made some upgrades to the server to address network issues some of you've been having recently (including downloads).

Inherently, this patch will also be the first live test of the auto updater added in the 0.3.0 major update. Following an in-app notification, your client should automatically update. Depending on your location, it may take up to 2-4 hours for the update to appear for you.

Envelope Accuracy Fix and Other Improvements

The last major update, 0.3.0, introduced a slight inaccuracy with linear control point transitions in the Envelope Node. The primary goal of this update is to address this critical issue.

Additional fixes and improvements:

  • Added playback position marker to Envelope Node and Envelope Pattern Node.
  • Added basic loading progress display to AudioNodes Online.
  • Fixed some Nodes not highlighting their active output connection.
  • Fixed some Nodes having their output connection highlight sometimes getting stuck.
  • Improved Audio/Control color coding on several Nodes.
  • VST Plugin Node now highlights its active output connection based on its input connection.
  • Drag-and-dropping a project file into AudioNodes will now open that project.

envelope nodes

Envelope Pattern Nodes with playback markers

Server Upgrades

While this is not strictly related to the new update, some of you reported the new downloads and the website being very slow at times. This was a result of a considerable surge of new users after the 0.3.0 update went live. We upgraded our server with more RAM and a stronger CPU. We also installed Cloudflare CDN to distribute load.

While we are looking for further network improvements in the future, these upgrades should do for now.

Thank you.

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