0.4.4 Stability Update

Hey, we are releasing an update (0.4.4) this week. It focuses on fixing several high-profile issues, as well as generally improving stability.

Update status: deploying.

High Priority Fixes [!]

This update includes a large number of very high priority fixes, some of them addressing long standing issues.

Notable priority issues fixed:

  • Graphic Equalizer Node randomly not applying changes, resulting in unexpected audio bursts when it finally does [!]
  • Timeline Clips floating away towards the top when trying to move them near the top [!]
  • Out-of-memory crash causing a rapid restart frenzy in the desktop app on some systems [!]
  • Fixed not being able to copy shared snippets in some browsers
  • Timeline area selector growing infinitely downwards when trying to select Clips near the top
  • Timeline Clips not snapping to on-screen grid marks correctly
  • Notes played through a VST Plugin Node getting stuck often, requiring a restart (or deleting and recreating the Node)
  • Shared snippet preview sometimes producing a short horrendous noise with some Nodes in the beginning
  • Not being able to scroll all the way down on the Timeline with the tall track size mode selected
  • A very rare issue that permanently broke some connections until AudioNodes was restarted (or the Nodes deleted and recreated by hand)
  • Audio File Node and Sampler Node starting/stopping playback while directly or indirectly connected to a Delay Node causing a short period of silence in the Delay Node's output
    • Dev note: there is a yet unaddressed known issue with the Delay Node on some systems, where it produces brief silence when its input channel count changes. The issue with the Audio File Node and Sampler Node were similar, but should not occur anymore.
  • Melody controlled Sampler, Oscillator, White Noise, etc. Nodes producing delayed playback when created during playback
  • Zooming on touch pads (e.g. 2 finger scroll on notebooks) causing huge sudden zoom changes

Additionally, the long defunct Logarithmic setting got removed from the Envelope Node and Envelope Pattern Node (wasn't doing anything). While there are no plans to bring it back at the moment, the Constant Range Transform Node remains a good alternative.

Patcher Connection Marker

One nice piece of eye candy in this update is a new connect marker on the Patcher. It appears when connecting from an output to an input:

New Virtual Keyboard screenshot

Misc Improvements & Fixes

  • Patcher grid marker no longer appears chopped off when zoomed out, or when moving a Node outside the screen
  • Right clicking an input/output port will no longer cause a small highlight around Nodes to remain stuck
  • Fixed some cases where tooltips would remain stuck
  • Fixed misleading filename in the export dialog, which appeared when the process finished (it now simply and elegantly says "Done")
  • Chorus Node and Peaking Filter Node can now visually grow in height, to keep up with a potentially large number of control inputs
  • VST Plugin Node now correctly sets its input channel count and output channel count separately, depending on what the loaded plugin wants
  • Added missing window icon to VST Plugin Node plugin window
  • Clicking snippet preview again will now stop it (instead of pausing it)
  • Fixed a brief UI freeze, and overall bad performance, when starting playback in a large project
  • Added a notice for some older browsers, which only partially support AudioNodes (only appears in affected browsers)
  • Playback position markers no longer show on some Nodes, which are "empty" (e.g. an Envelope Node without Clips on the Timeline or Control Points in its Envelope)
  • Screen auto-scrolling, while dragging something or using the area select tool, is now a lot smoother, without random jumps in the amount scrolled
  • Timeline Clips will now properly and immediately show their new label after being renamed, using the new rename tool introduced in the previous 0.4.3 update

That's it for this one. While 0.4.4 is not as exciting as some recent updates, the large number of long standing issues fixed should massively increase stability this time around.

Please enjoy this update! 🙂

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