tech update UI changes

2021 February Tech Update

Hi all, today we are releasing a chunky, but mostly technical update. While it's primarily under-the-hood stuff, numerous small UI improvements and fixes are also included.

Update: some Mac devices are affected by a bug where clicks on empty area fail to deselect Nodes or close dialogs. Until this is fixed, the update has been put on hold for Mac. If your auto updater already downloaded the new version (0.4.0), please manually download the current version (0.3.2) from the download page again. Thank you for your patience, fix soon.

Update: Mac issues have been fixed and the new update is now out everywhere. Enjoy!

UI Cleanup and Performance Tune

  • Streamlined and visually improved some UI pieces
  • Better categorized some Node settings
  • The Timeline tab/button received a small badge, indicating the number of new Clips on the Timeline
    • This is a part of an upcoming subtle tutorial/guide system, more on this later
  • Changing the audio asset for an Audio File Node will now display a dialog, asking whether to reset it on the timeline or keep its previous clips
    • This has been available in the web version for some time now, but not the downloadable version; it's now consistent
  • Improved UI animation performance, especially for when a particular piece of animation was played for the first time
  • Greatly reduced initial UI jank, especially for the following areas/widgets:
    • Switching to the Timeline for the first time
    • Opening right-click menus for the first time
    • Opening Node properties for the first time (especially if it was done with first Node selection)
  • Fixed occasional UI lag (and occasionally, MIDI synthesizing lag) when selecting a large number of Nodes with the "select all" hotkey (Ctrl/Cmd + A)
  • Added hotkey hints to several common actions
  • Made tooltip placement and visuals more consistent throughout the UI
  • Added clipping transitions to the sampler node waveform to reduce visual "jumping"

tech update UI changes

Updated menu and Timeline badge

Misc Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed an issue where audio could not be exported from the web version, on Firefox
  • Fixed an issue where removing all ADSR effects required deleting and re-creating the Node, to be able to access ADSR effects again
  • File picker now shows up correctly from secondary windows in the web version
  • MIDI Sequencer Node no longer produces garbled output briefly, while changing (typing) its track name
  • Timeline track control boxes will no longer appear out of position briefly, when toggling between normal and tall tracks
  • Saving projects now always adds the .nodes extension correctly
  • Fixed tooltips not appearing in secondary windows
  • The experimental VST Plugin Node's internal audio processing model was changed considerably: it now use multiple threads and low latency buffering, this should help especially with heavyweight plugins

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