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AudioNodes Advancing to Alpha Release

AudioNodes had a lot of work put into over the last 8 months, and the update many of you have been waiting for is finally here, including a preview of the long awaited AudioNodes desktop (Windows and Linux only for now).

Before continuing with our introduction, we'd like to thank you all for your generous patience and feedback. We've been receiving many enthusiastic mails and messages from users and supporters interested in how development was progressing, and we can finally show you something which we hope you'll like just as much as we do.

This something is a massive update, in which virtually every single feature has undergone extensive improvements, while a lot of new features have also been added:

Better file support

Added cloud storage, automatic file path conversion, desktop integration, improved quicksave, and many more.

Lots of new Nodes

A lot of new Nodes have been added, some removed, some reworked into other Nodes.

New Timeline

We completely reworked the Timeline to give you more freedom when editing.

Kick-starting is a go!

When we first came up with the idea of AudioNodes, we wanted to create something that is immensely powerful (or becomes such over time), yet is widely available to everyone around the globe without having to dish out $200 for a personal license, and perhaps even more for plugins.

We've been very open about this to those who asked about it, and we are now announcing that we'll stick to our promise, AudioNodes remains free to use. However, free to use does not mean free to develop, and we have absolutely huge costs associated with developing AudioNodes for you (it cost us tens of thousands in USD just so far, and there's still a lot to do).

To ensure we can continue development, AudioNodes download has been published behind a pay-what-you-want gate (optional). This lets you easily contribute to the development effort, and also get hold of numerous supporter benefits!

We are counting on your support, and you can count on us to keep delivering. In turn, all we are asking for is that you take a few seconds of your time to choose a price you deem fair.

AudioNodes is still a work-in-progress

Now is also the time for a public-service announcement: AudioNodes is still heavily under development. There can be lurking bugs, performance issues, considerable inconsistencies between systems, and other occasional problems. Also, we are not releasing for macOS just yet, that's coming soon, and we'd like to ask for your further patience.

If you have any problems or questions, if something is not working, please join us on our new discussion board or comment below, and we'll do our best to help you out.

We sincerely hope you'll have a great production experience with AudioNodes, and that you'll like the direction of this update.

New website

Also (and as it has been likely obvious already), we also decided to completely update our website and discussion boards to reflect the new, more mature look of AudioNodes.

As part of this update, we decided to go with WordPress, for now, and over time we will evaluate how it's performing for AudioNodes. This will allow us to concentrate more on the actual development of AudioNodes, and spend less time on maintaining the website.

Finally, we'd also like to thank those who have been with us since the first test version, and have been providing feedback and constructive criticism. As mentioned earlier, many previous projects are not going to be compatible with this update, due to significant necessary changes in how project files are handled. This is most certainly the last time (and essentially only time) this happens.

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