AudioNodes Online not loading for some users

Some users have reported that AudioNodes Online does not load for them. The loading indicator keeps spinning, but nothing is happening besides that.

Update - The hotfix for this issue landed in AudioNodes Online (you might need to clear your cache to observe the difference until the next regular update).

We've looked into the case and found this is caused by the feature testing module, which does not execute correctly, and therefore does not detect an unsupported browser.

This module would be responsible for ensuring your browser supports the features required by AudioNodes Online before starting, and if something is missing, such as in the case of an unsupported browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 11), you should see this message letting you know what's happening.


Please upgrade to a supported browser (we recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Edge), or download AudioNodes to your desktop (currently 64-bit Windows and Linux supported). We'll fix the issue with the message not appearing ASAP, but you will still need a modern browser to use AudioNodes Online.

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