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Early 2021 Short Roadmap

This is a short post to wish you all a happy new year, thank you for your continued support in 2020, and briefly introduce upcoming updates of early 2021.

AudioNodes Online Hotfix for Download Issues

Before getting into an overview of the latest upcoming changes: we'll release a hotfix for AudioNodes Online soon (TM), to address an issue with downloads not showing up for some users when they should. This affects exporting projects, saving projects, and saving recorded audio clips using the Recorder Node. For improved cross-browser compatibility, we also added some fallback mechanisms for when the browser really doesn't want to start a download.

This is a hotfix for AudioNodes Online only. There is no desktop update associated with this hotfix. A regular update with more changes will be released before the end of January, but it's still a work in progress.

Tech Updates Under the Hood

We began 2021 with internal tech updates, as well as by ironing out some elusive leftover bugs. These are mostly under-the-hood improvements, and will be generally unnoticeable on the surface. However, they are also extensive changes, requiring quite some effort and time to implement. As such, this will be the focus for probably all of January, 2021.

After these updates, you should notice a considerable increase in UI performance, especially on desktop. Most notable improvements will be:

  • Greatly reduced initial animation stutter (first few node selections, first time settings panels and dialogs are opened, etc.)
  • Improved zooming performance on the Patcher, especially with lots of Nodes
  • Improved zooming and scrolling performance on the Timeline


Once these tech updates are out, one feature highlight we want to deliver soon is a general-purpose Pitch Shift Node, saving and re-using presets in some form (through subpatches perhaps), as well as widening support for more audio formats. However, there is no ETA on either of these yet. Stay tuned for coming updates!

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