Mobile Update, Clamp Node, Experimental Pitch Shift Node

Hey, we'll be releasing a new update this week (0.4.2). In this release, we are beginning to bring AudioNodes to mobile/touch devices, and add 2 new Nodes: the Clamp Node and the experimental Pitch Shift Node.

Update: version 0.4.2 is now available on all supported platforms.

Mobile & Touch Devices

Lately, it seems many of you are interested in using AudioNodes from mobile devices, plus it was also on our list for a long time to improve the UI for touch screens. This is an ongoing change, but if you wanted to check it out on mobile or tablet, now might be the time:

  • When using the AudioNodes web app, you can now install the app to the home screen from supported browsers
  • A lot of the UI now adapts much better to small screens
  • Fixed and optimized envelope editing for touch screens
  • Patcher touch-screen optimizations
    • Touch-and-hold on empty area received a nice new indicator
    • Node browser now opens automatically after 1 second of touch-and-hold on empty area, on all devices
    • Removed touch-and-hold menu from Nodes, and replaced with a touch-optimized menu in the header, appearing automatically when Nodes are selected
    • New multi-select mode for touch devices (accessible in the new menu in the header when Nodes are selected)
    • Touch-panning should no longer cause sudden unexpected jumps
    • Fixed proper input/output name labels not showing up
    • Cleaned up various touch-related UI glitches, especially with connections
  • Timeline touch-screen optimizations
    • Removed touch-and-hold menu from Clips, and replaced it with a touch-optimized menu in the header, appearing automatically when Clips are selected
    • Removed the left sidebar for Tracks on very small screens to not take up valuable screen space
    • Improved Envelope Node and Velocity Envelope Node editing on the Timeline
  • Fixed and optimized ADSR envelope editing for touch screens
  • Node browser now works better on small screens

While the mobile/touch UI should be a lot better now, there are more changes to come over the next updates. Individual Nodes, in particular, still have a lot of room for improvements on touch screens.

Adding support for iOS is also in the works.

New Clamp Node and Pitch Shift Node

It's been some time since we added new Nodes, especially audio effects.

This update introduces a preview of a very powerful new Node, the general-purpose Pitch Shift Node. This experimental Node applies a high-quality pitch shift effect to an input audio signal, and outputs the result. You can define the pitch change in semitones, as well as cents to tune/detune audio. It also includes options to choose a good balance between quality, performance, and latency.

Follow-up updates will continue to improve on this experimental Node.

Dev note: pitch shifting is not straightforward to get right without significant tradeoffs. While various different approaches exist with varying results, we concluded that phase-vocoder-based pitch-scaling produces the best results for general purpose use. Feedback is much appreciated as we continue to fine tune this Node over the next updates. 🙂 

Another new Node in this update is the Clamp Node. It can constrain audio and control signals into a set range, select the greatest of 2 inputs, or select the smallest of 2 inputs.

Misc Changes & Fixes

  • Opening another project while in a Subpatch no longer results in an empty screen
  • Entering or exiting a Subpatch while zoomed out now correctly positions the Patcher screen
  • Waveforms, envelopes, and Patcher connections now support HiDPI and Retina screens, and should appear a lot nicer there
  • Fixed Audio File Node normalization not working anymore after changing file with normalization already enabled
  • Control point type and curve can now be set from the control point edit dialog in envelope editors
  • Non-critical in-app notifications again hide automatically without having to click somewhere (this was a bug)
  • Fixed a case where a checkbox was not working in some confirmation dialogs (mostly related to saving projects)
  • Slightly increased overall export performance
  • Fixed (greatly improved) a case where exporting simple but long projects would occasionally result in high memory use
  • Slightly toned down notification highlight visuals
  • Dialogs and switching between screens now integrates with browser navigation in the AudioNodes web app
  • The AudioNodes web app now works offline without an active internet connection (and loads much faster)

Well, that concludes it for this update. We are still testing all the new changes, but it should be out very soon.

One last dev note. While this update may have a strong focus on mobile, we recognize that ultimately, a mouse and keyboard just happen to be generally better suited for working with audio. Thus, there are no plans to dumb down the UI on desktop in favor of mobile. However, as it happens, half of you guys seem to use AudioNodes from there, so hopefully those of you can now enjoy a nicer experience that we'll continue to improve.

Thank you for your support, please enjoy! 🙂

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