UI changes on the Timeline

Online Test Preview of Update 0.2.0

Over the last months we've been working on a significant update to AudioNodes, version 0.2.0. This update will ship VST plugin support through the new VST Plugin Node, and a revamped Recorder Node (still work-in-progress). Support for mac OS download is also coming, as well as countless additional new features and bug-fixes.

Update: this update is now out (pun intended). More details available at the release post, and it can be downloaded from the Download page.

Unfortunately, the development schedule of this update slipped considerably due to unforeseen technical issues (especially with VST plugin support and mac testing setup), but it's now essentially all ready. We are still doing last-minute testing to see how it all integrates, and the update is coming any time now (perhaps this week, or maybe next).

In the meantime, you can preview the update online to check out a large portion of this coming update (most notably UI changes).

UI changes on the Timeline

UI changes on the Timeline, available for preview on AudioNodes Online public test

So you can now try out the new online test version, and see many of the changes which will also come to the downloadable desktop version soon. Please remember, what you see in the test preview may or may not be how the final update will look like. New desktop-only additions are also not present, and not everything may work 100%.

We encourage you to give feedback on these changes, as we still have time for some adjustments and tweaks before the next update goes live.

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