tech update UI changes

Timeline, Export and Envelope improvements

Hi! We are releasing an update in the coming days, primarily to fix some leftover issues from the last 0.4.0 release. There are also new audio export options and UI performance improvements coming in this update, especially for the Timeline.

Timeline Performance Tune

The Timeline received a big performance boost in this update (should be roughly 3x to 4x faster when there is a lot of content on it). Additionally, some Timeline UI has been cleaned up to be nicer to look at. We are planning to further improve this area over coming updates.

tech update UI changes

Updated Timeline

New Audio Formats, Export Fixes

Audio exporting got a little unstable with the previous update. Thus, one of the main goals of this one is to address these issues. It also received some additional improvements:

  • Available with an AudioNodes HD subscription:
    • New FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) export format, with a configurable compression level (desktop app only)
    • New ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) export format (desktop app only)
    • 8-channel 7.1 export option for FLAC, WAV, and OGG formats
    • High-definition sample rate options (up to 96.000 Hz) for OGG, AAC, FLAC, and ALAC formats
  • Fixed not being able to export MP3, OGG, and AAC in the 0.4.0 desktop app on some systems
  • Disabled currently unstable AAC export in the web version for now
    • Note: we are planning to reintroduce this soon, as well as enable more formats for the web app
  • Improved rendering progress display animation so that the app does not appear to be stuck on very long exports
  • Replaced codec quality select field with a slider and made its behavior more consistent: a higher setting now always means higher quality
  • Added missing label and visual spacing to the file name input in the web version save dialog

We are planning to continue extending export options over coming updates. A few highlights include dithering and format-specific advanced options, but no ETA on these as of yet.

Envelope Node Fixes

The Envelope Node received some fixes and improvements in this update:

  • Fixed a rare issue where Envelope Node output would be sometimes incorrectly zero when no control points were fully within the Timeline Clip
  • Fixed a rare bogus envelope visualization issue on the Timeline
  • Slightly improved Envelope processing performance during real-time playback
  • Fixed a rare issue where a non-immediate transition between 2 control points did not happen during high CPU load
  • Improved Envelope visualization around sharp turns (it should no longer produce visual "spikes")
  • Adding an Envelope to a cropped/extended Audio File Node Clip from the Timeline will now place control points correctly

Misc Changes

  • Greatly improved UI performance of:
    • Zooming out on the Patcher
    • Switching to the Timeline
    • Selecting Nodes and opening their settings
  • Selecting multiple Clips on the Timeline, and then deleting their Nodes from the Patcher now properly clears selection data when right clicking another Clip
  • Opening a project will no longer indicate all Timeline Clips as new Clips in the header menu
  • Added a slight visual highlight to bottom notifications
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar on the Timeline sometimes becoming blurry when zoomed out
  • Convolver Node file load error indicator is now positioned correctly
  • Fixed a theoretically possible, but supposedly very rare issue where melodic notes would sometimes play back with an incorrect timing briefly

That's most of it for this update. Additionally, we've been working on lots of stability improvements under the hood. Lots of shiny new features are also in development for coming updates, but more on this later.

Thank you for your continued support everyone!

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