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0.4.3 Update, Rename & Search Nodes

Hey everyone, we are releasing a small update (0.4.3) later today. Notable changes this time include a new rename & search feature, playback-synced recording for the Recorder Node, and some UI performance/QoL improvements.

Rename & Search Nodes

A handy new feature in this update is renaming Nodes you placed. This is available for all Nodes and replaces previous similar tools, such as the "Track name" setting of Nodes which also appear on the Timeline.

To better support this on the Patcher, Nodes now show their name (and custom name) in a tooltip. This is also accompanied by a new setting (under Main Settings) that lets you select when the tooltip should be shown (on hover, select, or never).

For you folks on an AudioNodes HD subscription, Nodes can now be searched as well. The Node search is available from the main menu under "Edit", or through the Ctrl-F hotkey. This search also supports custom Node names and file names loaded into the Audio File Node and Sampler Node. Additionally, search works between Subpatches and allows you to navigate complex projects fast. 🙂

New Virtual Keyboard

The virtual keyboard of the MIDI Keyboard Node got a small, but long overdue facelift in this update. Additionally, it should be more usable on mobile/touch devices. Here's how it looks:

New Virtual Keyboard screenshot

Misc Changes & Fixes

  • Recorder Node got a new "Start record on play" switch, which automatically starts recording on playback start
  • Graphic Equalizer Node now supports sub-integer precision to fine tune frequency bands
  • Fixed not being able to enter Subpatches in touch mode
  • Opening the stock example project on the desktop version now prompts for a location to create the project -- this fixes an issue with example audio files not loading on the Linux and Mac desktop versions after restarting AudioNodes
    • Dev note: the current example project is something we want to take a look at in the near future, and possibly add multiple examples (of higher quality) for various things possible in AudioNodes
  • Added a confirmation dialog when exiting or opening another project while audio exporting is in progress
  • Opening another project will now automatically cancel audio exporting
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to renew a prepaid AudioNodes HD subscription
  • Added a new notification/tip when starting playback without an Audio Destination Node placed (can be turned off from Misc Settings)
  • Added missing playback marker to Velocity Envelope Node
  • Fixed playback markers (including that on the Timeline) stuttering on high buffer duration settings -- they should be all very smooth now
  • Added a new placeholder when entering a Subpatch
  • Piano Roll Node mobile optimization
  • Fixed current playback time bugging out after changing BPM during playback
  • Added subtle additional hints about possible UI and Node interactions

That about sums it up. The update will become available over the next day or two (depending on location).

Thank you for your continued support, please enjoy this one! 🙂

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