Generating Chords

In the previous article, we learned how to set up a simple melody. We’ll now look into generating additional compositions on top of it, such as chords.

As mentioned earlier, AudioNodes has Nodes for working with melodies. One of these is the Component Extension Node.

The Component Extension Node

The Component Extension Node adds additional melodic notes for every single note in a melody. For example, we can add a copy for every existing note one octave higher. We’ll use this to add chords, but first, let’s hook it into our existing project:

  1. Create a Component Extension Node
  2. Connect your Piano Roll Node to it
  3. Connect your Component Extension Node to your Melodic Oscillator Node

By default, the Component Extension Node is configured to create notes one octave up and one octave down. This can be changed from the properties panel.

Take a few minutes to discover various options and how they sound. Hint: to get standard chords, set the extension mode setting to Diatonic, and have extension components 2 and 4 (corresponding to 2 and 4 steps up on the currently used scale, which corresponds to a standard chord).