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Simple Beat

This article will show you how to create repetitive rhythms and how to arrange those notes.

The Sequencer Node

Sequencer Node’s primary purpose is to add percussive lines to the music by using user-defined patterns. You can change rhythm distribution and the number of steps freely.

Let’s jump in to our small creative session:

Key steps

  1. Create a Sequencer Node. It is under the Melody Sources category in the node browser (you can type node’s name into the search field as well)
  2. Change the number of steps to 4
  3. Select (enable) all the steps by left-clicking them
  4. Place a White Noise Node (Melody Controlled)
  5. Put down a Gain Node and reduce the gain value with the circular slider
  6. Create an Audio Destination to make the music snippet audible
Make the same connections we presented here

Congratulations, you have some basic percussion now to experiment with!

Some try-it-out tips:

  • For weaker beats, reduce the White Noise Node velocity setting value – and observe the difference. Changing velocity makes you music alive!
  • Change the ADSR envelope in the White Noise Node, which changes the shape of the sound – find what works best with white noise.
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