Microphone Node

Listens to audio from your microphone or line-in, can be used to record live audio or add real-time effects.

To record, connect to a Recorder Node.

To listen to the output of this Node, connect to an Audio Destination Node. To add effects to the microphone or line-in audio, connect this Node to an audio effect Node, and then to the Audio Destination Node.


This Node has no inputs.


Echo cancellationWhen set, use echo cancellation on microphone input.

In AudioNodes Online, the Echo cancellation setting is not available in all browsers.


Audio OutputThe Audio from microphone or line-in.

Note: Audio and Control lines (visualized with blue and purple, respectively) are both analogous to an analog signal. They can be used interchangeably, and, for example, an Audio output (blue) can be connected to a Control input (purple), or vice-versa.