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Pitch Detect Node

Analyzes a connected audio signal and outputs the detected pitch.


Audio The Audio line to analyze.


Output format Sets the output format of the detected pitch.

Frequency (Hz) Output pitch value in Hz.
MIDI Code Output pitch value as MIDI code.
Hold duration (ms) Sets the maximum duration, in milliseconds, for which the last detected pitch value will be kept in case the pitch can no longer be determined. Greater values will reduce occasional jumps to 0, but might provide increasingly false values over time if the pitch is often indeterminable.
Buffer size (samples) Number of samples to process. Larger values increase accuracy and are needed to detect low pitch frequencies, but increase latency.


Pitch The detected pitch value, or 0 if the pitch cannot be determined.

Technical details

This Node uses an autocorrelation algorithm to determine pitch, and supports polyphonic audio sources.

Limitations and Known Issues

Pitch detection is a non-trivial task even for a human listener, and may often result in inaccurate output. When possible, the Pitch Emitter Node can be used to extract pitch information from a melody directly, and with 100% accuracy.

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