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Channel Splitter Node

Splits a multi-channel Audio line to individual single-channel (mono) Audio lines. This Node is often used in conjunction with the Channel Merger Node to produce rich multi-channel experiences, because you can apply different audio effects and processing to individual channels.


Audio The multi-channel Audio line to split.


Number of channels Sets the number of output lines created on the Node.


This node has a configurable number of Audio outputs. See the Number of channels setting. The channel layout depends on the number of channels used, see Audio Channels. Outputs are always single-channel (mono).

Stereo and quad

1 Left
2 Right
3 Surround left
4 Surround Right


1 Left
2 Right
3 Center
4 Sub
5 Surround left
6 Surround right

Technical details

The interpretation of additional channels is system-specific.

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