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Dynamic Compressor Node

Standard dynamic compressor that lowers the volume of the loudest parts of the signal in order to help prevent clipping and distortion.


Audio The Audio line to compress.


Threshold Sets the threshold (in dB) above which the compression will start taking effect.
Knee Sets the range above the threshold (in dB) where the compression curve smoothly transitions to the compressed portion.
Ratio Sets the amount of change (in dB), needed in the input for a 1 dB change in the output.
Release Sets the amount of time, in seconds, required to increase the gain by 10 dB.
Attack Sets the amount of time, in seconds, required to reduce the gain by 10 dB.


Audio The compressed Audio line.

Audio and Control lines (visualized with blue and orange, respectively) are both analogous to an analog signal. They can be used interchangeably, and, for example, an Audio output (blue) can be connected to a Control input (orange), or vice-versa.

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