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Multi Sampler Node

Plays a melody using one or more sample audio files.

For example, you can load a set of piano samples, connect a Piano Roll Node, and compose a custom melody from the piano roll to be played through this Node. To listen to the audio output, connect to an Audio Destination Node.

This Node is similar to the Sampler Node, but several samples can be loaded at once for a better playback quality.


Melody A melody to control the samples played.


Each sample has the following settings:

Sample pitch Default sample pitch (for example, if the sample file is a C4 note, set this to C4).
Normalize When set, the sample file is normalized with peak-normalization.
Allow pitch shift If set, the sample will be pitch-shifted automatically based on the sample pitch setting, and the pitch of the played note.
Min. pitch Sets lowest pitch for which the sample is played (inclusive).
Max. pitch Sets highest pitch for which the sample is played (inclusive).
Min. velocity Sets lowest velocity value for which the sample is played (inclusive).
Max. velocity Sets highest velocity value for which the sample is played (inclusive).
Play mode Sets the sample play mode as:

Once Plays the sound once.
Loop Plays the sound in a loop.
Continuous loop Plays the sound in a loop, with a continuously changing start time to produce a continuous playback experience.


Audio The produced audio stream.
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