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Staccato Node

Limits each note in a Melody to a specified maximum duration to create a melodic staccato effect. Longer notes are automatically released after the specified max duration, even if the note would still play (notes shorter than the specified max duration are not affected).


Melody The Melody to which the staccato is applied.


Staccato duration Sets the maximum length of each note, in beats, inclusive. Notes longer than this value are trimmed (from the end).


Staccato Melody The Melody with the staccato applied.

Limitations & Known Issues

During live play (i.e. when playing on a MIDI keyboard), the maximum duration specified by the Staccato duration setting might be occasionally exceeded by a few milliseconds (5-10 ms) if the project is considerably heavy. Currently, using a larger buffer size in a MIDI Keyboard Node does not help mitigate this delay. This issue is not applicable to non-live melodies, e.g. the output from theĀ Piano Roll Node.

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