Pitch Emitter Node

Outputs the current pitch of a melody (as it would be heard from a synthesizer Node, such as the Melodic Oscillator Node).


MelodyThe Melody line to analyze.


Output formatSets how the detected pitch value will be sent.Frequency (Hz)Node emits pitch value in Hertz.MIDI CodeNode emits pitch value converted to MIDI code.


ControlThe current pitch value, or 0 if no notes are playing at the moment.

Technical details

This Node always outputs a single pitch value. If a polyphonic melody is connected, the output is the pitch from the most recently started note (i.e. when a note starts playing, it overrides earlier ones).

This Node is similar to the Pitch Detect Node, except the pitch information is read directly from the input melody with 100% accuracy, instead of requiring analyzing an audio signal.