Pitch Emitter Node

Converts a melody to a control signal, containing pitch information from the melody. This is useful to control effect parameters based on pitch, such as filters, or complex modular synth patches.


Melody Input

A melody signal to convert to a control line, containing its pitch information. This can be a real-time melody signal, such as that from the MIDI Keyboard Node, or a connection from a static source, such as a Piano Roll Node.


Output Format

Sets the output format:

  • Frequency – outputs pitch in Hz (for example, the output will be 440 for an A4 note)
  • MIDI Code – outputs pitch in its MIDI code (for example, the output will be 60 for a C4 note)


Control Output

The current pitch value, in the specified output format, or 0 if no notes are playing at the moment.

Technical details

This Node always outputs a single pitch value. If a polyphonic melody is connected, the output is the pitch from the most recently started note. That is, when a note starts playing, it overrides earlier ones.

Similar Nodes

  • The Pitch Detect Node works in a similar fashion, except it takes an audio signal, analyzes it, and outputs its frequency information. However, the Pitch Emitter Node is faster and more accurate.