Pitch Emitter Node

Converts a melody signal to a control signal, containing pitch information from the melody. This is useful to control effect parameters based on pitch, such as filters, or complex modular synth patches.

While this can be used, for example, to control the frequency of an Oscillator Node, the Melody Controlled Oscillator Node can be used directly with a melody. It also has more options for the task.


Melody Input

A melody signal to convert to a control line, containing its pitch information. This can be a real-time melody signal, such as that from the MIDI Keyboard Node, or a connection from a static source, such as a Piano Roll Node.


Output Format

Sets the output format:

  • Frequency – outputs pitch in Hz (for example, the output will be 440 for an A4 note)
  • MIDI Code – outputs pitch in its MIDI code (for example, the output will be 60 for a C4 note)


Control Output

The current pitch value, in the specified output format, or 0 if no notes are playing at the moment.

Technical details

This Node always outputs a single pitch value. If a polyphonic melody is connected, the output is the pitch from the most recently started note. That is, when a note starts playing, it overrides earlier ones.

This Node is similar to the Pitch Detect Node, except the pitch information is read directly from the input melody with 100% accuracy, instead of having to analyze an audio signal.