Saving Your Project

Saving with files in AudioNodes Online

As mentioned earlier in the Introduction section, file handling, including saving and opening projects, has limitations.

When saving a project with imported files, you are given the option to also save all of your opened files (recommended). Remember, your files, after opened from your device, are stored in a temporary storage location. When saving your project this way, AudioNodes Online will pack everything into a zip file and download it. This allows you to later continue working on your project by opening the zip file directly in AudioNodes Online (you do not need to re-open the file to continue working directly after saving).

You can also continue working on your project from your desktop by extracting the zip file, and it is also possible to repack everything into a zip file again to open in AudioNodes Online. However, to work interchangeably from the desktop and through the browser, it is generally recommended to set up cloud syncing instead.