Working with files is considerably different on the desktop and through the browser. On the desktop, you have your usual access to your files on your device, but when working through the browser, there are several limitations that you need to be aware of.

We’ll get back to these limitations in the last article of this section, Saving Your Project, because they only become relevant when saving.

Desktop files

AudioNodes desktop only.

When working with files in the desktop version of AudioNodes, it is recommended to store our files next to our project. This ensures great portability, and the possibility to later sync our project to the cloud and back. We’ll do this in these articles.

Let’s create a new folder for your project, and put your audio files straight there. As mentioned earlier, we’ll be using the Ambient Waves pack throughout these articles, for which a free download is available (registration needed). Extract the download into your project folder (or a subfolder).

We will also save our project into this folder later.

Online files

AudioNodes Online only.

There is no setup required for AudioNodes Online, we can simply open audio files straight away. There are limitations though, which are detailed in the last article of this section, Saving Your Project.

The next article will show you how to import and play audio files.