White Noise Node

The White Noise Node generates sounds using full-spectrum white noise. You can use it to generate a single sound, or play multiple sounds based on a source melody. It’s a basic building block for some synthesized percussion hits, wind ambiences, and similar sounds.

To listen to the audio output, connect to an Audio Destination Node.


Melody Input

A Melody input to control the Node. This input is only available in Melody controlled mode.

The White Noise Node plays a sound for each note in the source Melody, applying ADSR on a per-note basis, with unlimited polyphony.



The White Noise Node applies an AHDSR (Attack-Hold-Decay-Sustain-Release) envelope to each sound played, configurable through a visual editor. In Continuous Noise mode (see below), the Node applies the AHDSR to the single continuous sound, in its entirety.


Controls when the noise is generated:

  • Continuous noise: outputs a single, continuous noise during playback.
  • Melody controlled: plays a burst of noise for each note in the connected source melody. This mode enables the Melody Input.


Audio Output

The generated noise.

Technical Details

The White Noise Node pre-generates a full-spectrum white noise buffer when it activates, and then plays it back.

The buffer is long enough to prevent noticeable looping, but is always different when a new White Noise Node instance is created. This includes closing and re-opening a project, rendering the project to an audio file, and deleting the Node, then undoing its deletion.

Similar Nodes

  • The Bitcrusher Node, when its Bit Depth setting is low enough, adds noise to the audio signal, similar to what the White Noise Node generates.