Donations policy

This document is a disclaimer about our use of your donations. For the licensing terms of AudioNodes and AudioNodes Online, please see the AudioNodes End-User-License-Agreement. Thank you for considering helping the development of AudioNodes!

Use of Funds

By donating, you allow us (the authors of AudioNodes, or the AudioNodes Team) to use your donation to fund: (1) the development costs of AudioNodes and any connected services or goods, including (but not limited to) any licensing and service fees, wages, personal costs, and contract fees, (2) maintenance and administrative costs, such as web hosting, content-delivery services, tax services, security services, office rent, and (3) any costs associated with marketing, and branding AudioNodes, or any connected services and goods.


As a method of our gratitude, we make certain rewards available to supporters (those who donate), as well as promises about rewards only available in the future.

Donating is (1) entirely voluntary, (2) is not required to acquire AudioNodes or any connected services or goods, (3) does not qualify as a payment for AudioNodes or any connected services or goods (either up-front or as a “pre-order”), and (4) does not create, or qualify as a legally binding software agreement, nor (5) does it legally entitle you to obligate us (the AudioNodes Team) to deliver a given reward or promised reward if we are not be capable to supply a given reward or promised reward, such as in the case of technical issues, change of business model, bankruptcy, or other unforeseen accidents.

What qualifies as, or is marketed and distributed as a reward or promised reward, as well as who is eligible for any such rewards, is at the sole discretion of the authors of AudioNodes (or AudioNodes Team, or “us”, or “we”).


A non-zero payment (the minimum amount allowed by the payment system, but at least 1¢, inclusive) is required to qualify for any rewards or promised rewards.

Other Limitations

Rewards may only be available for a limited time after announcement. Rewards that offer and/or promise a subscription-based premium service for free may offer the service perpetually, or for a limited time of use only, depending on service and preceding donation amount. Rewards may not apply to all premium services and/or features.


Unless used clearly for other purposes than stated in this document (section Use of Funds), donations are not subject to standard refunding. In exceptional cases, please contact us within 48 hours of your donation.

By donating, you acknowledge that (1) we (the authors of AudioNodes, or the AudioNodes Team) may not be able to refund your donation, especially after the 48 hours period, and (2) any refunds might be subject to tax depending on country (and state or province) of residence.

Thank you for considering helping the development of AudioNodes!