Modular Synth, Audio & MIDI Editing

Meet AudioNodes, a slick modular synth and digital audio workstation - complex audio synthesis, real-time audio effects, control automation, multi-track audio editing, MIDI editing, and a bunch more.

Engineer HD Sounds

Wire up complex modular synthesis, add effects with parameter automation, and generate custom sounds all in real time.

AudioNodes features high-performance, sample-accurate automation with custom audio and math processing on a very clean interface.

Edit & Mix Audio

Crop, cut, and arrange your audio content on unlimited tracks with real-time automation, effects, and complete modular control over your audio processing.

  • Edit audio clips, podcasts, recordings
  • Mix songs together into playlists
  • Master audio with modular processing
MIDI editing in AudioNodes

Compose Original Music

Drive modular synthesis with complex melodies, add samplers, real-time audio effects, connect MIDI devices.

  • MIDI editing and recording
  • Modular, procedural MIDI processing
  • MIDI hardware support

Supercharge your productivity with amazing features

Modular composition

Fully modular and customizable audio, automation, and MIDI routing.

Unlimited tracks

Arrange content on unlimited audio, MIDI, and automation tracks.

Real-time effects

Adjust & tweak audio effects to your liking in full real-time, add automation.

Controllers & autoplay

Connect MIDI controllers, automate chords, repeats, and decorations in real-time.

Uninterrupted workflow

Fast, simple, and straightforward UI without long loading bars.

Web production

Meet AudioNodes Online, a full, in-browser version of AudioNodes.

Start creating now with ready to use assets

AudioNodes contains a plethora of tools and assets for you to work with, yet remains extremely sleek and easy to use. The modular architecture not only lets you use only what you need, without bloat, but also retains crystal clarity about how your project works.