AudioNodes - Online Modular Synthesizer

AudioNodes Online is a slick online modular synthesizer that runs in a web browser — complex audio synthesis, real-time audio effects, samplers, automation, multi-track audio editing, MIDI editing, and a bunch more.

Generate Unique Sounds

Wire up complex modular synthesis, add effects with parameter automation, and generate custom sounds all in real time.

AudioNodes features high-performance, sample-accurate automation with custom audio and math processing on a very clean interface.

Add Files Into the Mix

Mix audio files into modular synthesis, or mix, edit, and master audio files on a modular grid with real time effects and automation.

  • Edit audio clips, podcasts, recordings
  • Mix songs together into playlists
  • Master audio with modular processing
Online Modular Synth and audio editor
Online Modular Synth and MIDI editor

Create Compositions

Drive modular synthesis with complex melodies, add samplers, real-time audio effects, connect MIDI devices.

  • Import, record, edit MIDI
  • Modular MIDI processing
  • MIDI hardware support

Clean Modular Synthesizer UI with the features of a full DAW

Web production

AudioNodes works out of any modern browser and starts in seconds.

Complex Audio effects

Ready to use complex effects - convolver, delay, echo, waveshaper, and dozens more.

Export To Audio Files

Render completed projects to audio files with various formats and settings.


Audio, parameter automation, and MIDI routing on a single nice UI.

Multitrack Timeline

Arrange parameter automation, audio files, and MIDI content on infinite tracks.


Connect MIDI controllers to automate audio effects and processing in real time.