AudioNodes, the modular

digital audio workstation

Create sounds, add effects, and compose original creations without limit,

on a modern, clean, modular interface + an ever growing toolset to

create, edit, mix and master audio and music.

Alpha version

Fully modular, connect & combine anything

Your audio assets.

The piano roll with your notes.

The synths, samplers, and effects that turn it to sound.

The final mastering.

In AudioNodes, everything is a module. And there is more than 100 of them, growing with every monthly update.

Unlimited real-time effects, in infinite combinations

AudioNodes has almost 30 effects already, including reverb, waveshaping, filtering, and feedback delays.

Mix them in any combination, and automate almost every parameter using LFOs, Envelopes, and Timers. Or all of these combined.

Free-form timeline with unlimited tracks

Arrange & edit audio clips, melodies, and envelopes on the AudioNodes Timeline, a multi-track editor with unlimited tracks.

Start creating now, with 100+

ready to use Nodes and example snippets