AudioNodes is a slick, modular digital audio workstation & audio editor simple on the surface, but very powerful under the hood: unlimited tracks, realtime audio effect chains, effect automation, MIDI editing, complex audio synthesis, non-linear editing with a 200-step undo history, and a bunch more

Meet AudioNodes

AudioNodes is based on a hybrid concept between a digital audio workstation, and a feature-rich modular synthesizer.

This means you can freely combine modules (called Nodes) like in a modular synthesizer,

but also arrange content in time, like in every other multi-track editor.

AudioNodes is incredibly flexible.


The Patcher is the main stage of AudioNodes. Here, you can add & connect Nodes, the basic building blocks of AudioNodes.

Drag & Drop Audio Files

Import audio files into reusable Nodes by simply dragging them on the Patcherconnect to an output Node and you are ready to go. Add any effects in-between, and tune them in real time, or add automation from the Timeline.

Synths & Samplers

Combine oscillators, effects, feedback loops, multi-channel processing, and complex automation to create a universe of sounds.

MIDI Control

Control samplers, oscillators, and more with live MIDI signals from controllers, or hand-written melodies using the Piano Roll Node, a powerful Node with a complete MIDI editor interface.


The Timeline is a multi-track mixer with unlimited tracks – here, you can easily arrange audio, envelope, and MIDI clips.

The Timeline works in conjunction with the Patcher. Clips are added automatically as Nodes are added on the Patcher.

Edit, Mix, Cut Audio

Crop, cut and arrange your audio content on unlimited tracks. Edit audio clips, podcasts, recordings, or mix songs together into playlists.

Control Effect Automation

Use envelopes to control effect parameters – for example, increase volume or apply a lowpass filter over time.

You can even specify how multiple envelopes interact with each other, using math Nodes on the Patcher (for example, 2 envelopes can multiply each other).

Slice & Move Clips Around Freely

On the Timeline, you can move clips around freely, between tracks, or even on top of each other if you want. The same track can hold different clip types.

Simply drag the edge of a Clip to extend or crop it.

Feature Highlights

Unlimited Flexible Tracks

Flexible timeline with unlimited tracks – move audio, control, and MIDI clips around freely, even onto the same track.

Controllers & Autoplay

Connect MIDI controllers, automate chords, repeats, and decorations in real-time.

Modular Composition

Fully modular editor grid like in a modular synth, but for audio files, MIDI, and envelopes too (and more).

Non-Linear Editing

100% non-linear editing allows applying changes and effects extensively, with plenty of opportunity to experiment.

Real-Time Effects

Adjust & tweak audio effects in full real-time, add automation from envelopes and controllers.

Web Production

Share snippets of your work with others. The AudioNodes web app works out of any modern browser.

Free – Even for Commercial Use

Affordable to Upgrade

Jump in right away and fire up AudioNodes for free.

Then, unlock extra productivity with AudioNodes HD:



1 Patch with Unlimited Nodes

48 kHz Audio Renders

Unlimited Tracks

AudioNodes HD



/ month

Unlimited Subpatches & Nodes

Up to 96 kHz Audio Renders

Multi-Screen Support

Enhanced Node Settings

Opt-In Experimental Features

+ Everything else from free

Make sure to check out AudioNodes HD from within AudioNodes.

There is cool stuff waiting for you in it. Good luck!