2021 February Tech Update

Hi all, today we are releasing a chunky, but mostly technical update. While it's primarily under-the-hood stuff, numerous small UI improvements and fixes are also included.

Update: some Mac devices are affected by a bug where clicks on empty area fail to deselect Nodes or close dialogs. Until this is fixed, the update has been put on hold for Mac. If your auto updater already downloaded the new version (0.4.0), please manually download the current version (0.3.2) from the download page again. Thank you for your patience, fix soon.

Update: Mac issues have been fixed and the new update is now out everywhere. Enjoy!

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envelope nodes

0.3.1 Update – Envelope Fix, Server Upgrades

Later today we are pushing out a small patch, fixing a slight inaccuracy with linear control points in the Envelope Node. Additionally, we also made some upgrades to the server to address network issues some of you've been having recently (including downloads).

Inherently, this patch will also be the first live test of the auto updater added in the 0.3.0 major update. Following an in-app notification, your client should automatically update. Depending on your location, it may take up to 2-4 hours for the update to appear for you.

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0.3.0 Grand Update – Account System, Auto-Updater

Update: the update is now out (pun intended). Contrary to earlier plans, AudioNodes HD also made it into this update.

Welcome to the new major update of AudioNodes, focusing on a new account subscription system, new features, an integrated auto-updater for all downloadable versions, major visual and performance updates, and other improvements.

The update is planned to go live on the 4th of December, but an online test preview is available already.

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Sneak Peek at AudioNodes 0.3.0

Hey all, it's been some time.

We are coming close to finishing the next major version of AudioNodes. This post is a quick sneak peek at what to expect in the next major update, for which a test version is now available online for preview (keep in mind that it's a test version for a reason, there might be bugs).

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