AudioNodes - the slick online modular synth

AudioNodes is a modern, online modular synthesizer that works from your browser – its features include ready to-use effects, nested subpatches, feedback chains, envelope automation, and audio file and MIDI support.

Slick, Powerful Modular Synth grid

Synths, Effects, Samplers

Combine various oscillators, audio effects, multi-channel processing, and powerful automation Nodes to create a universe of sounds.

Nested Subpatches

Quickly convert a selection to a subpatch, and reuse it as a single Node, with unlimited nesting.

MIDI Control

Control samplers, oscillators, and more with controllers, or hand-written melodies using the Piano Roll Node, a complete MIDI editor interface.

Great Usability & Features

200-Step Undo History

Undo/redo effect parameter changes, entire Nodes, connections, or any change in general, to experiment with sound without limits.

Drag & Drop Audio Files

Quickly add in your existing audio assets via drag & drop, and mix them with synthesizers, effects, or even with each other.

Save & Reuse Snippets

Save a selection of Nodes as a single Snippet, and quickly reuse it later from your Snippet library. Rapidly prototype effects, synths, and beats using your existing techniques.

Timeline & Envelope Automation

Control Effect Automation

Use envelopes to control effect parameters: adjust volume, apply a lowpass filter, or change pitch over time.

You can even specify how multiple envelopes interact with each other, using math Nodes on the Patcher (for example, 2 envelopes can multiply each other).

Slice & Move Clips Around Freely

On the Timeline, you can move clips around freely, between tracks, or even on top of each other if you want. The same track can hold different clip types.

Simply drag the center of a Clip to move it around, or drag edge of a Clip to extend or trim it.