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AudioNodes updates

0.7.3 Update – Hotfix

The 0.7.3 update is now out. It’s a small hotfix, primarily to sort a problem with the Convolver Node, and a few more smaller issues.

0.7.1 Update

The 0.7.1 update redesigns the Chorus Node from the ground up with a more immersive, stereo effect, adds a new sidechain mode to the Compressor Node, and a new mode to the Sequencer Node that works without the Timeline. The…

0.7.0 Major Update

The new major update of AudioNodes adds 2 new Math Nodes, fixes important bugs, and delivers a complete overhaul of the melody processing system. The overhaul standardizes and enables several melody processor nodes for live keyboard notes, and fixes several…

0.6.4 Update – New Asset Import Experience vol.1

Hey there, hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We recently released the 0.6.4 update, which is also the first one this year. This update introduces the first part of a new asset import experience, and the experimental Pad Synth…

0.6.3 Project Save Hotfix

Hi there, we just released a hotfix update, 0.6.3. It addresses an emergency issue where projects would not save after some changes to Timeline tracks, such as swap, rename, etc. If your project was refusing to save inexplicably (including auto…

0.6.2 Comparator Nodes & Tech Update

The new AudioNodes update is now out! The 0.6.2 update is a mostly technical update, aiming to address some stability issues, bugs. It also includes 2 new signal comparator Nodes, the Min Node and Max Node.