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AudioNodes updates

0.7.9 Update & Discord Launch

The new AudioNodes update is now out, and we are also launching a discord server with it. Join to request features, give feedback, and discuss AudioNodes at: The update itself includes mostly bugfixes, performance improvements, and some Piano Roll…

0.7.6 Update – UI Facelift & Performance

The new AudioNodes update is now live! This update mostly focuses on improving and polishing existing features, improving audio processing performance, as well as improving UI design and performance (especially Timeline performance, which got progressively slower recently).

0.7.3 Update – Hotfix

The 0.7.3 update is now out. It’s a small hotfix, primarily to sort a problem with the Convolver Node, and a few more smaller issues.

0.7.1 Update

The 0.7.1 update redesigns the Chorus Node from the ground up with a more immersive, stereo effect, adds a new sidechain mode to the Compressor Node, and a new mode to the Sequencer Node that works without the Timeline. The…

0.7.0 Major Update

The new major update of AudioNodes adds 2 new Math Nodes, fixes important bugs, and delivers a complete overhaul of the melody processing system. The overhaul standardizes and enables several melody processor nodes for live keyboard notes, and fixes several…