PSA: Removing OneDrive and Dropbox Integration

The upcoming update, 0.7.2, will improve on file handling in the AudioNodes web app. The aim is to bring it closer to what’s possible in the desktop app. For example, it’ll likely have a proper distinction between Save and Save As, and it’ll let you pick where to save your project, instead of dumping a copy of your project in your downloads folder.

Removal of OneDrive & Dropbox

At the same time, the new update will gut the OneDrive and Dropbox integration. There are 2 reasons for this. First, none of them really gained any traction. Second, they are complicating things massively for the upcoming improvements.

That is, this setting is going away:

These options made more sense when file handling was a lot more limited. But now that files can be embedded in project files (for 2 “major” versions now), and that improved access to local files is coming, they have a lot less value.

If you happen to be one of the very few users who use Dropbox or OneDrive through AudioNodes directly, hopefully this announcement reaches you.