0.7.6 Update – UI Facelift & Performance

The new AudioNodes update is now live!

This update mostly focuses on improving and polishing existing features, improving audio processing performance, as well as improving UI design and performance (especially Timeline performance, which got progressively slower recently).

Priority Fixes & Breaking Changes

  • Renamed ADSR Node Release Delay setting to Sustain-Release Delay, and it no longer has an effect if the sustain level is 0.
  • Fixed several performance issues where deleted Nodes would take up some processing power indefinitely. This affected several Nodes.
  • Fixed an issue with some envelope configurations where the value of the last control point would not correctly continue in time. This most visibly affected the Immediate control point type.
  • Compact track height on the Timeline no longer results in a broken UI with some Nodes.

UI Facelift & Screen Panning

The Patcher and Timeline received a large facelift to make Nodes and Clips more visible, with a more prominent background tint to more easily identify the Node type. This will probably see more iteration over the coming updates:

Screen Dragging w Middle Mouse Button

Every draggable screen (Patcher, Timeline, Piano Roll, etc.) supports moving the screen with the middle mouse button too now, regardless of what’s under the cursor:

  • Left mouse button drags the item under the cursor, or the screen if the cursor is over the background.
  • Middle mouse button always drags the screen, even if there is an item under the cursor.

The primary point of this change is to easily navigate the Timeline when it’s full, in which case it used to be difficult to find empty background to grab.

Timeline Changes

  • The UI should be a lot more performant now, especially with lots of markers.
  • New track options to move a track to the first & last position on the Timeline.
  • Timeline clips about to overflow the projects length – by dragging, resizing, cloning etc. – have customizable behavior now:
    • Extend is the default setup as it was before, project length grows as much as needed.
    • Extends & shrink resembles the Extend option, but project also shrinks until latest placed timeline clip’s end
    • Manual means that dragging and resizing should not extend the project length, value will only change from project settings.
  • Cloning multiple Clips on the Timeline will now correctly select newly created Clips.

Misc Fixes & Changes

  • Max Node, Min Node, and Greater Than Zero Node now support multiple channels.
  • Sequencer Node received new velocity editing options.
  • Deleting or restoring a large selection of Nodes, as well as undoing/redoing changes, with lots of Nodes on the screen, is now much faster.
  • Added conversion options to various filter Nodes, such as between Lowpass Filter Node and Highpass Filter Node.
  • Fixed several bugs with Envelope Pattern to Envelope conversion, and added a new option to convert to a Velocity Envelope Node, or back.
  • Staccato Node now shows up to 3 decimal points of precision on the Patcher.
  • Fixed an issue where the export process would hang when the export results were silent and Trim Silence was enabled.
  • Project duration is now clamped to 10 hours, to avoid a crash with extremely long project durations. This will probably change later.

Coming Next

For the past few months, we’ve been working on a new subpatch system under the hood. This will allow building exciting new features based on subpatches, such as custom unison effects, polyphonic synthesis, and similar.

While we are unsure about the expected release date of anything related, experimental previews will likely come soon in the next few updates, so stay tuned!