Max Node

The Max Node is a simple comparator Node that outputs the value of its greatest input. It supports a variable number of inputs.


The Max Node has a variable number of audio or control signal inputs (up to 24 inputs). Configure this using the Number of Inputs setting.


Number of Inputs

The number of inputs to create on the Max Node. When you create a new input by connecting to the disabled input port, the Max Node automatically increments this setting.

Remember: inputs that are created but not connected behave as if they had a constant 0 signal connected to them. See the Outputs section below.


Control/Audio Output

The signal from the input with the greatest value.

This is determined on a per-sample level. That is, for each sample in the audio signal, the Max Node takes the greatest corresponding sample value from all its inputs, and outputs that value.

Note that inputs without a signal connected behave the same as if you connected a constant 0 signal. For example, assume you have these 3 inputs:

  • Input 1: constant signal of -1 connected
  • Input 2: nothing connected
  • Input 3: constant signal of -3 connected

In this case, the Node will output 0, because that’s the greatest value from the 2nd input.