Sequencer Node

Introducing a pattern-based grid sequencer, ideal for the rapid creation of repeating drum loops and simple melodies. Connect to a Sampler Node, Oscillator Node, or Noise Generator Node for audio output.


Number of steps

Specifies the number of steps in the pattern.

Step length

Determines the duration of a single step in beats. The custom step length option is available with an AudioNodes HD subscription.


Sets the pitch of each note in the output.


★ With AudioNodes HD

The velocity of each note in the output. When velocity mode is set to Step by step, sequential value editor does become visible.

Velocity mode

★ With AudioNodes HD

Determines how velocity is interpreted for each step in the sequencer.

  • Unified: One velocity value for every step; the node initializes with this as the default.
  • Step by step: Each step has its unique velocity value, providing a more dynamic experience. The velocity editor appears below the stepper in this mode. Precise values can be set by selecting a specific precision below the editor area.


Melody Output

The generated Melody.

Node conversions

★ With AudioNodes HD

Node conversion is available from the node menu.

Convert to: Piano Roll Node

Transfers all notes from the Sequencer Node to the new Piano Roll Node. Time arrangement rules apply based on the node’s placement on the timeline.

  • Node not placed on Timeline: Only one large segment is created, 100% filled with notes from the project’s beginning to its end.
  • Node had one or more segments on Timeline: Only one large segment is created, but notes will only be placed in those time slots where a segment of the original node was placed.
Before and after: No notes are placed in case of absent segments from the 16th beat.

Note: Configuration options, including maintaining old segments, are intended to be added in the future.

Convert to: Drum Sequencer Node

Note: Drum Sequencer Node is not released yet; stay tuned to the blog for updates.

Transfers all steps (notes) from the Sequencer Node into the Drum Sequencer, consolidating them into a single drum line along with node state properties like pitch, velocity, etc. Time arrangement rules follow:

  • Node not placed on Timeline: The new node will not be placed.
  • Node had one or more segments on Timeline: Segments are 100% replicated in the new node.

Note: Drum Sequencer Node only accepts pitches below A4; otherwise, conversion is disabled.


The output format of this Node and the Piano Roll Node is identical. However, this Node outputs a rhythm with a single constant pitch, while the output of the Piano Roll Node can have varying pitch. The Pitch setting configures the constant output pitch of the notes.