0.7.7 Update – Node Changes, Timeline Muting, and Upcoming Polyphonic Synthesis

The new update of AudioNodes is now out!

This update continues on the previous synth node changes and fixes, mainly in preparation of the upcoming polyphonic synth tooling changes. There is also a new feature in there to mute Clips on the Timeline, and improvements to how connections are shown on the Patcher.

Overview & Dev Diary

As it’s probably apparent from recent updates, our current focus developing AudioNodes is fleshing out its synthesis capabilities.

We recently posted a separate post on this, Dev Diary: Polyphonic Synthesis Tooling. It’s worth a read, to see some major features coming up soon.

The rest of this post is the usual list of changes in the latest update.

Priority Fixes

  • Fixed ADSR Node outputting a slightly different signal in Signal trigger mode. The attack, decay, and release durations were incorrectly shorter compared to Melody trigger mode.

Patcher UI Changes

Connections on the Patcher received a new shape that help group connections together. The aim here is to reduce visual noise, like this:

Timeline — Mute Clips

A cool new feature on the Timeline is the ability to “mute” and “unmute” clips, either one-by-one, or multiple at a time.

The effect of this depends on Node, but a common rule is that a muted clip acts as if it didn’t exist. For example, this means the clip won’t be audible in case of the Audio File Node, won’t output notes in case of a Piano Roll Node, and won’t contribute to the control signal output of an Envelope Node.

Subpatch Node Changes

The Subpatch Node now shows a basic, minified preview of its contents, instead of a static placeholder icon:

Misc Changes

  • The custom “Edit” option of various Nodes (Piano Roll Node, Subpatch Node, etc.) received a new shortcut: triple-click.
  • Note To Pitch Node and Note To Velocity Node now display a countdown bar while the “hold phase” is active (Hold Duration setting).
  • ADSR Node now has a new Melody Hold Output in Melody trigger mode. This output keeps notes active until the ADSR Node completely releases or decays, to avoid unintended crackling noise.
  • MIDI Keyboard Node got a new UI on the Patcher.
  • Constant Note Node received a new velocity setting,
  • Added conversion options for Note To Velocity NodeNote To Pitch Node & Knob NodeConstant Value Node.
  • Fixed Lowpass/Highpass/etc. Node conversion causing the Node to output silence until restarted.
  • Piano Roll Node:
    • Clicking the piano row on the left now outputs the clicked note.
    • Added a new option to the note menu to select all matching notes (e.g. all G4).
  • The Node search dialog (Ctrl + F) received a new node type name & patch location filter, and a quick-access to Node properties.
  • Added new 16 and 32-beat repeat options to the Timeline when placing a marker.
  • Added a new MIDI export option to the Sequencer Node.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ADSR Node trigger visualization when the sustain level is 0, so that it now matches its behavior correctly.
  • Delay Node now shows “B” instead of “S” on node object when in BPM mode
  • Altered the design of several Nodes on the Patcher to make them more consistent with other Nodes.
  • Adjusted Gain Meter Node size so that it’s consistent with other Nodes now.
  • Envelope Node no longer cuts the envelope off on the Patcher initially, when the Min/Max output range is different from the default 0-1 range.
  • Selecting all Nodes in a large project with multiple subpatches no longer causes the “Selecting X Nodes…” message to get stuck.

Going Forward

As shown earlier this week in Dev Diary: Polyphonic Synthesis Tooling, the next few updates will all continue to focus on improvements to sound synthesis, to ultimately finish the upcoming the Poly Subpatch Node that ties it all together.

Stay tuned!