Piano Roll Node

Provides a simple and fast piano roll to create melodic patterns and sources by hand, as well as to record and edit recorded melodies.

The Piano Roll Node can be connected to an audio source Node to drive audio synthesis with the created melody, such as the Oscillator Node or the Sampler Node.

The Piano Roll Node appears on the Timeline when you place it.


This Node provides a simple and fast piano roll to edit melodic patterns. The piano roll can be opened either from the properties panel, or by double clicking on the node (both in Patcher and Timeline). Navigation is mostly identical to that of the Timeline (e.g. hold and drag to move the viewport, zoom with mouse-wheel or pinch-zoom), with a great number of additions explained in Piano Roll Editor docs.


The Piano Roll Node can consume a .mid or .midi file uploaded from a local folder. Then, each track can be selected or de-selected, to be imported or be left out from the import.

Note: grid size set on the full screen editor does not have an impact to the imported notes, they remain as they are regarding to their timing.


Melody Input

The Melody to record.


Most of this Node’s settings are accessible by opening the Piano Roll Editor.


Melody Output

The Melody created in the Piano Roll.