0.6.5 Update – Envelope Processing & Echo Node Changes

AudioNodes 0.6.5 brings a reworked, more stable envelope processing engine, improvements to the Echo Node, as well as some high priority fixes, including some for the Waveshaper Node.

Breaking Changes

The Echo Node‘s Cutoff Frequency setting, which controls internal lowpass filters, received 2 adjustments in this update. This causes the output of the Node to change slightly, and be more realistic and immersive:

  • The internal lowpass filter is now a 4th order lowpass filter without Stereo Mode enabled (up from a 2nd order lowpass filter). This makes its effect a lot more similar to what it does with Stereo Mode enabled, where the signal goes through two 2nd order lowpass filters, as it bounces back and forth.
  • The internal lowpass filter now applies to each “bounce” or “ping” in the echoing sound. Previously, it only applied to the wet part of the output signal, once.

Priority Fixes

  • Waveshaper Node no longer misses applying its shaping curve to its output. This could happen after restarting AudioNodes, reopening the project, or recreating the Node.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a note would not play from a live source, using a synth Node with ADSR enabled.
  • Sequencer Node no longer shows an empty clip on the Timeline with some custom duration settings.
  • Fixed Timeline sometimes not appearing or disappearing immediately after a Node change.

Envelope Processing Changes

The Envelope Node and Envelope Pattern Node each received a new, reworked processing engine under the hood. This brings the following improvements:

  • Fixed a rare but regularly occurring bug where some “segments” of an envelope wouldn’t “play” properly. A “segment” is the part between 2 control points in an envelope. This could happen while editing, or shortly after editing.
  • Reduced, and sometimes completely removed glitching from the output signal while seeking, especially during playback.
  • Greatly improved and standardized sampling precision of envelope segments:
    • Previously, each segment was sampled a fixed number of times, regardless of how long it was. This was causing potentially rough transitions if the segment was very long.
    • In the new system, longer transitions use increased sampling precision to avoid this.
    • The sampling precision (which also translates to sampling rate of the signal) at this time is 400 Hz at 60 BPM. This will probably change in a later update, most likely through a new setting.

Misc Changes & Fixes

  • The AudioNodes Windows Installer is now a signed executable, soon eliminating UAC warnings.
    • Note: the Mac “installer” will also be signed soon, to eliminate warnings on Mac, but this is not done in this update yet.
  • Sequencer Node custom minimum duration is now 0.01 (from 0.001). This should be still more than reasonably fast.
  • Fixed Pluck Synth Node not playing some live notes (e.g. those from the MIDI Keyboard Node) with low buffering.
  • Echo Node default settings tuned slightly to have more feedback and a shorter delay time.
  • Several settings of the Echo Node received increased maximum precision.
  • Disabled m4a export format for now, because it’s known to produce a result that’s badly formatted. It’ll be re-enabled once fixed.
  • Fixed a theoretical bug that could prevent some Node combinations from connecting to each other.