Waveshaper Node

Applies a non-linear wave-shaping distortion to a signal, editable through an Envelope Editor.


AudioThe audio/control input to which the effect is applied.


CurveThe shaping curve to use, editable through an Envelope Editor. The horizontal dimension represents the input signal (from -1 to 1), the vertical dimension represents the output signal (from -1 to 1). Use the Preview button to observe how your curve would affect a sample signal.
OversampleSets oversample amount before applying the curve, greater values can help prevent aliasing, but introduce some minor latency.


AudioThe shaped Audio line.

Audio and Control lines (visualized with blue and purple, respectively) are both analogous to an analog signal. They can be used interchangeably, and, for example, an Audio output (blue) can be connected to a Control input (purple), or vice-versa.