Envelope Pattern Node

Create a short, repeating automation pattern, this can be used to control other Nodes.

For example, to control the gain setting of a Gain Node, click Automate from input on the Gain Node’s gain setting, then connect the Envelope Pattern Node to the gain control input.


In addition to the settings listed below, this Node also defines a repeating Envelope that can be edited from Node properties.

See Using the Envelope Editor for more information.

Out min value

Sets the output value when the envelope is 0.

Out max value

Sets the output value when the envelope is 1.

Repeat duration

Sets the duration over which the envelope is played before repeating.


When set, “clicks” are removed from the output by applying small amounts of smoothing.


Control Output

The current envelope value.

Technical Details

  • Continues to output its value while paused
  • If placed on the Timeline and there is no clip defined at a particular point in time, always outputs zero, even if the min value setting is set to a non-zero value
  • If placed on the Timeline and there are 2 or more clips defined at a particular point in time, the produced output is the sum of those clips
  • The output value is interpolated between min value and max value through the envelope. For example, when the envelope defines 0, the minimum value is output; when the envelope defines 0.5, a value halfway between the minimum value and the maximum value is output.

Node conversions

★ With AudioNodes HD

Node conversion is available from the node menu.

Convert to: Envelope Node

When converting, Out min & Out max values are transferred to the new Envelope Node as well as the control points. Since the latter one manifests with a timeline segment immediately, sequence of control points is repeated from time 0 until project duration.

After conversion: pattern is continuous in 1 single segment

Note: we intend to make this configurable, with more options such as making repeat duration as the new segment’s length.