0.6.2 Comparator Nodes & Tech Update

The new AudioNodes update is now out! The 0.6.2 update is a mostly technical update, aiming to address some stability issues, bugs. It also includes 2 new signal comparator Nodes, the Min Node and Max Node.

Priority Fixes & Stability Improvements

We implemented a system-wide stability upgrade in this update. This allows us to catch several bugs a lot earlier during development, and end up with a more stable user experience for you.

Thanks to this, we found and fixed the following high priority bugs:

  • Audio Destination Node no longer breaks on systems with no device selection available
  • Gate Node no longer resets its output to 0 unexpectedly, when the duration and release durations are considerably higher than the defaults

Comparator Nodes

New in this update are 2 new Nodes in the Math category: the Min Node and the Max Node.

These simple but handy Nodes can compare input signals, from up to 24 inputs, and output the lowest or greatest value, respectively.

Misc Changes

  • Opening a snippet with an Audio Input Node will no longer set the input device to a device you don’t have, and never had — note: this doesn’t apply to your own snippets, as the assumption is that, most of the time, you’ll open your snippets on the same device you created them from
  • If a project fails to open, it’s now explained in an error dialog, instead of nothing happening
  • Fixed a styling issue with the Piano Roll Node’s snap to grid setting dialog
  • The default type for newly created envelope control points is now quadratic (single curve), instead of linear