Audio Input Node

The Audio Input Node connects a system audio input device to AudioNodes (such as a microphone, analog audio input, or digital audio input), and outputs its audio signal through its single output.

To listen to the output of this Node, connect to an Audio Destination Node. To record, connect to a Recorder Node. To add effects to the audio signal, add effect Nodes between the Audio Input Node and its connected destination.


This Node has no inputs, in the sense that you cannot connect another Node to it.



Controls which audio input device to use. Options depend on your system capabilities. If your system has no audio input devices, or only has a single default device, this setting is disabled.

This setting is persistent, and the Node remembers your selected audio input device based on its internal system ID. This applies even if your device is no longer available in your system (e.g. because you disconnected an USB mic). When the device is available again, the Audio Input Node automatically picks it up and starts outputting its signal again.

Echo Cancellation

Enables echo cancellation on the audio input. This works best if your audio input device is the same as your audio output device.

Note: in AudioNodes Online, not all browsers support this setting. In this case, the setting does not show up.


Mutes the audio input when enabled.


Audio Output

The audio signal from the audio input device (such as a microphone, analog audio, or digital audio input).

Permissions & System Access

Placing the Audio Input Node will request access to listen to your system audio input devices.

In AudioNodes Online, your browser will prompt you to grant this access (unless you already did it before), which is necessary for the Audio Input Node to function. If you reject access, the output will be silent, and the list of devices will not be visible on the properties panel. In this case, you can grant access manually from site settings, then reload the app. Additionally, while the Audio Input Node is active (placed and non-muted), most browsers will display a recording indicator in the tab, usually visualized by a red dot.

When you delete the Audio Input Node, it stops listening to your system input.