0.5.5 Update – Connection Visualizations, Noise Generator, New Math Nodes

This update contains a new, real-time connection visualization system for the Patcher, a revamped Noise Generator Node, a handful of new, math-based Nodes, as well as a wide variety of general fixes & changes.

The update is scheduled for release this week.

Breaking Changes & Priority Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Switch (Audio/Control) Node sent the incorrect input to its output, after switching back and forth quickly a few times.
  • Fixed an issue where some Audio File Node clips would play with a minor delay. This was a tiny delay, but just enough to ruin beat-sync in some cases.
  • Removed Threshold setting from Sign Node and Greater Than Zero Node. Additionally, the output from these Nodes is no longer aliased (or band-limited), and is now mathematically correct.
  • Connecting the same output to multiple inputs of the Add (Audio/Control) Node now properly adds the signals together (i.e. X + X = 2 * X). Previously, the Node was ignoring subsequent connections from the same output.

New Connection Visualizations

The Patcher received a new, real-time connection visualization system, which is the highlight of this update. It replaces the old, somewhat clunky, and sometimes completely misleading visualization:

A Gain Node amplifying connection visualizations in real-time
  • Audio and control connections now pulse in real-time as the signal changes, giving you a better overall view of what’s happening between your Nodes.
  • The visualization now makes things a lot more clear for Nodes with tail time or latency as their side-effect, notably:
    • Note: this category should rightfully include the Delay Node, but it was already working in a similar fashion before.
  • Several Nodes had their misleading, or downright incorrect connection visualization fixed. Notable examples include:
  • Melody connections now also pulse as notes go through them in real-time. The visualization here is a function of the notes’ velocity levels. Currently there is no smoothing on the visualization, which will likely change in a future update.

Noise Generator Node

The White Noise Node was renamed to Noise Generator Node, and received a facelift including a new Noise Type setting. You can choose between the previously available White Noise, and the newly added Pink Noise and Brown Noise. It also got a new Channel Count setting.

The new Noise Generator Node and its settings

Additionally, the noise generator behind the Node got some improvements to get rid of the sometimes obviously looping sound.

New Math Category & Nodes

This update adds a new Math category to the node browser, as well as various math-based experimental nodes. The following existing nodes were moved to this category:

  • Add (Audio/Control) Node
  • Divide Node
  • Greater Than Zero Node
  • Multiply Node
  • One Minus X Node
  • One Per X Node
  • Sign Node
  • Subtract (Audio/Control Node)

Additionally various new experimental Nodes are under development for this category. The following Nodes are already available to experiment with in this update:

  • Absolute Value Node
  • Fractional Node
  • Round Node
  • Power Node

Docs will be updated soon to reflect these changes.

Filter Node Changes

Filter Nodes (Lowpass, Highpass, etc.) received a touch-up in this update:

  • Filter Nodes will now periodically attempt to recover after becoming unstable (previously, you had to recreate the Node, or restart AudioNodes to fix them).
  • Renamed Q to Resonance for Lowpass Filter Node and Highpass Filter Node, and adjusted how it scales when tuning the slider on the properties panel.
  • Renamed Q to Sharpness for Allpass Filter Node, Bandpass Filter Node, Notch Filter Node, and Peaking Filter Node, and adjusted how it scales when tuning the slider on the properties panel.
  • Adjusted default values for various filter Nodes, so that their effect is more obvious when placed.

Bugfixes & Misc Changes

  • Spectrum Analyser Node and Gain Meter Node should no longer glitch out permanently with invalid input (such as that from an unstable Lowpass Filter Node).
  • Removed Channel Count setting from Multiply Node. This setting was always a bolted-on, stopgap solution to get the Node to work, but now it’s able to detect this on its own. No manual configuration required anymore.
  • Switch (Audio/Control) Node‘s Controlled mode received a new, more stable implementation, and is no longer experimental. Additionally, in Controlled mode, this Node now displays its active input in real-time, as set by the connected control signal.
  • Greatly increased rendering/exporting speed in cases where the project contains a large number of melodic notes. It can be up to a hundred times faster in many cases now.
  • Snippet size limit is now 100 MB with an AudioNodes HD sub (previously it was 10 MB).
  • Ctrl+Shift+Z now functions as a redo, instead of undo (Ctrl+Y continues to work as before).
  • Added Ctrl+E hotkey to access export quickly.
  • Saving projects in embedded file save mode, as well as creating snippets with many/large files is now a lot faster.
  • Fixed alignment of Gain Node slider when pinned into the header.