Getting Started with AudioNodes HD

AudioNodes HD is the premium membership plan of AudioNodes. It has a fixed price of $9/month (or code activation, please see below) and includes all the great stuff without any additional hidden fees. The current feature highlights, subject to very very much expand in the near future, are the following:

  • Unlimited Subpatches
  • Multi-window and multi-screen support (with 2 windows currently)
  • Timeline playback markers & track renaming
  • HD audio exports up to 96 kHz for some formats (e.g. wav)
  • Opt-in access to new experimental features
  • Rename Nodes and search them by their custom names
  • Assign envelopes to audio clips from the Timeline directly
  • Enhanced, more customizable node settings
  • Conversion between nodes / swapping

More AudioNodes HD-exclusive features are coming with almost every update.

Create a User Account

To get rolling, please first create a user account if you still don’t have one, or log in to your existing one.

This can be done from the top right corner, and signing up is roughly a 30 seconds process. Once done, the system automatically logs you in.

Create a Subscription

Once logged in, hit the modest blue Upgrade button near the top right corner. This leads to the AudioNodes HD section of the options screen, and gives a quick, non-exhaustive overview of what’s waiting for you in AudioNodes HD. Hit the Get Started with AudioNodes HD button, which will lead to the subscription method selection screen.

Note: in the desktop version, this will open up the AudioNodes Online web app, and let you set things up from your browser. It’s done this way so that, if you have a PayPal account or a credit card saved securely in your browser, you don’t have to manually enter them again.

Recurring Subscription

Our business model is based upon a hassle-free, automatically renewing subscription (powered by PayPal), with a one-month free trial. Cancel at any time. You can either opt for yearly and monthly ($9) payment. Since we value long-term commitments, yearly one comes at a better price ($99).

Redeem Code

Redeem an activation code. No payment required when redeeming the code.

Note for early contributors: thank you for your donations! 🤘 The early activation code you received (from Gumroad at the time) works as an activation code, and grants you a lifetime subscription with no strings attached. Please note that an activation code can only be used for one account, and is permanently bound to that account once used.

Note: activation codes were de-associated from accounts on October 21st due to a hosting provider breakdown. If you were affected, just simply activate your code again and you should be set. Thanks!