Timer Node

The Timer Node is a signal-triggerable Node that outputs the time elapsed, in seconds, since it was triggered. The trigger signal must remain above the threshold for the timer to keep increasing, or it resets to 0 otherwise.


Trigger Input

An audio or control signal, which, when increases above the Threshold setting, will start the Timer Node.

The Timer Node keeps ticking while the signal remains above the Threshold.

Melody Trigger Input

Is present when trigger mode is set to Signal threshold trigger.


Signal threshold

Threshold value above which the Trigger Input should be for the Timer Node. Slider only appears when the trigger mode is set to signal threshold, see the details below.

Trigger mode

Melody trigger or Signal threshold trigger.

The Melody trigger mode starts the ADSR envelope sequence when a note from a melody connection triggers it from the Melody Trigger Input.

The Signal threshold trigger mode starts the ADSR envelope sequence when the value of a control signal connection, from the Trigger Input, reaches the Signal Threshold value.

Identical to the same setting in the ADSR Node.


Elapsed Time Output

Elapsed time, in seconds, since the Node was last triggered if the Trigger Input is above the Threshold setting, or 0 otherwise.

Technical Details

  • The Trigger Node is accurate down to an individual sample
  • The maximum output value is 231 seconds (slightly more than 68 years)