Timer Node

Outputs the time elapsed, in seconds, since a trigger input has increased above a set threshold. The trigger signal must remain above the threshold for the timer to keep increasing, or it resets to 0 otherwise.


TriggerAudio/Control input which, when increases above the specified threshold, will start the timer.


ThresholdThreshold value above which the Trigger input must be for the timer to trigger.


Elapsed timeElapsed time, in seconds, since the Node was last triggered if the Trigger input is above the threshold, 0 otherwise.

Technical Details

The maximum output value is 231 seconds (slightly more than 68 years). This Node has up to 256 samples of latency.

Limitations & Known Issues

Currently, latency can occasionally increase above 256 samples during live playback, when a heavier task is being carried out in AudioNodes. This problem is not present when rendering to a file from the Export page.