Add (Audio/Control) Node

This Node adds 2 or more control or audio signals together. In other words, it performs the mathematical add operation on those signals.

In case of audio signals, it means merging the signals into one. For example, you can use this Node to merge the output of 2 Audio File Nodes into a single signal, which you can then connect to a single input for further processing (such as adding a gain change, or other effect).


This Node has a configurable number of audio/control inputs, depending on the Number of Inputs setting. The connected signals are added together.

When you connect inputs of different channel counts, the output channel count will be the same as the greatest input channel count, and all other inputs will be automatically up-mixed to that channel count.


Number of Inputs

The number of inputs to create on the Node. If set to a number lower than the current number of connections, superfluous connections are automatically cut. Connecting to the last, disabled input of this Node, it automatically increments this setting by 1.


Control/Audio Output

An audio or control signal, containing the sum of all connected inputs.

Whether this output is visualized as an audio or control connection depends on what you connected to the Node’s inputs. If you have at least one audio signal connected, the output is also considered an audio signal.