Performs the mathematical sign function on a value (Audio or Control input). That is, negative input becomes -1, positive input becomes 1. The value 0 remains unchanged.


ValueThe value to transform.


ThresholdSets the minimum distance from zero for input to count as a non-zero value. This value is exclusive. For example, if set to 0.1, output will remain 0 until input goes above 0.1 (or below -0.1 for negative values).


Value signSign of the input value.


Connecting a sine oscillator (with an output range of [-1, 1]) to this Node and setting Threshold to 0 will create a perfect square wave (1 sample rise time and fall time).

Technical details

This node actually applies an extremely condensed linear transformation, and very small input values may produce non-zero output between -1 and 1.

This is merely a side-effect of an optimization technique under the hood, and it’s not recommended to rely on it to implement custom effects, as it may change in the future. For a more flexible linear transformation, consider using the Wave Shaper Node instead.