0.7.0 Major Update

The new major update of AudioNodes adds 2 new Math Nodes, fixes important bugs, and delivers a complete overhaul of the melody processing system. The overhaul standardizes and enables several melody processor nodes for live keyboard notes, and fixes several long standing issues.

This is a large update, with a long list of changes.

Priority Fixes

  • Echo Node‘s Mix setting now correctly affects the “wet” part of the signal, instead of causing it to be always at max volume.
  • Envelope Node no longer causes performance issues when exporting, and no longer unexpectedly repeats for longer envelopes.
  • Fixed some button menus, including the main menu, often refusing to open on touch screens larger than 800×600.
  • Node browser now correctly shows up on all devices with less than 700px screen height.
  • Dragging Clips on the Timeline no longer causes them to sometimes flicker back and forth.
  • Fixed an issue where some dropdown menus on the Equalizer Node UI did not have enough space to fully show.
  • Fixed various issues with several Melody Processor Nodes when working with live notes (e.g. those from a MIDI Keyboard Node). See the next section.

MIDI Update & Breaking Changes

Melody connections, as well as Nodes that work with them, received a complete internal overhaul.

This fixes accuracy problems with live melody sources (e.g. those from a MIDI Keyboard Node) in all Nodes, enables several features only available to non-live notes before, and paves the way to create exciting new Nodes later.

Breaking Changes
  • Removed the filter by duration option from the Melody Filter Node.
    • This never worked with live melody sources, and the new system no longer makes this possible in its original form.
    • The improved Staccato Node and Note Override Note are good alternatives.
  • Repeats added by the Repeater Node now start with each note, and trigger at a regular interval relative to the note’s start time.
    • Previously, the repeats were relative to the project’s start for non-live notes, and relative to the first note of a sequence for live notes.
    • The new behavior is identical across live and non-live notes.
  • Sequential Filter Node indexing is now based on notes played, and received new settings to fine tune its behavior.
    • Previously, for non-live notes, this was based on the absolute index of notes, as measured from the start of the project.
    • The new behavior is identical across live and non-live notes.
Other Changes & Fixes
  • Repeater Node and Staccato Node timing is now perfectly accurate for live notes (accurate to the sample).
  • Velocity Emitter Node & MIDI Monitor Node no longer get stuck on a note that already ended. This only affected polyphonic inputs.
  • The override length setting of the Note Override Node now works with live sources.
  • Melody Filter Node outputs now correctly light up as notes go through them.
  • MIDI Monitor Node with live sources, and a non-60 BPM, now correctly shows which notes are playing.
  • Sequential Filter Node
    • Fixed output notes re-triggering unexpectedly.
    • Received a new auto reset duration setting. If there are no input notes for this duration, the counter is reset. This is useful to apply a pattern to a sequence of notes that automatically resets using a gap.
    • Nodes with a lower Loop Offset setting will trigger before Nodes with a higher Loop Offset setting. Previously, this was the other way around by mistake.
  • Velocity Envelope Node no longer unexpectedly resets notes during changes, and now properly works with multiple overlapping Timeline clips. The resulting velocity is the sum of all clips at any given point (or 0 if there are no clips)
Experimental Changes
  • Note Merger Node
    • Removed Velocity mode setting. The Node will now always use the velocity of the first note in a continuous sequence of notes.
    • Removed Threshold setting.
    • Added new Buffer duration setting.
    • Now works with live notes.

New Math Nodes

This update also adds 2 new, simple Nodes in the Math category:

AudioNodes HD Changes

This update cleans up and streamlines the HD subscription process, to make it simpler overall. As part of this, the pre-paid options were removed.

Note: if you chose a pre-paid option earlier, it won’t affect your ongoing pre-paid subscription, everything will work the same as before.

Sharp(#) and flat (b) notes

One of the basic concepts in music theory is how to indicate higher & lower semitones properly.

On a piano keyboard, all of the black keys can be notated as “sharps” or ˝flats˝.
C-sharp and A-flat lookalike in the music notation system.

This update adds the option to choose between flat and sharp notation on a project level. You can find this setting on the settings screen, under current project. The following Nodes make use of this setting:

Batch Operations On Timeline Tracks

On the Timeline, you can now select multiple tracks at once from their menu (or by holding control, then selecting the track checkbox on the left), and:

  • Swap the selection up/down
  • Assign the same name to selected tracks
  • Merge all tracks, into one single track (the top-most one)

Desktop Performance Improvements

The AudioNodes desktop app is now built with better optimization. This brings a general performance increase to pretty much everything:

  • Faster startup times
  • Reduced initial UI stutter
  • In general, everything should feel slightly faster

Misc Changes & Fixes

  • Cleaned up UI flickering that would occur on some Nvidia cards in the desktop app.
  • When undoing a track swap, notification now correctly says “undone timeline-track-swap” instead of “undone track-rename”
  • Fixed random highlights incorrectly appearing on some iOS devices on the Patcher.
  • Fixed sliders on the settings screen getting chopped off on smaller screen sizes.