Sequential Filter Node

Filters notes based on their sequential position in a melody (e.g. allow only every 2nd or every 4th note). This Node is commonly used to separate subsequent notes into multiple Melody lines,
producing the base for arpeggiators and interlocking beats.


Melody Input

The Melody to filter.


Loop size

Loop offset

Auto reset

If set, reset loop counter when playback starts.


Melody Output

The filtered Melody.


  • Loop size of 4 and Loop offset of 0 will allow exactly every 4th note through, beginning with the first note
  • Loop size of 4 and Loop offset of 1 will allow every 4th note through, beginning with the second note

Technical details

A note is said to be allowed through, if it has a position (in a sequence of notes sorted by their start time) of i * n + k where i is any non-negative integer, n is the Loop size setting, and k is the Loop offset setting. Others notes are not let through, which is the same as if they were muted.